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Self Portrait

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

It is a pleasure to have my work displayed where everyone including art enthusiasts are welcome to browse and enjoy.


"I fight for meaning in this world it seems, by clawing at happiness and peeling apart dreams." --SM

Born in Texas, not far from the Alamo, I learned early about military life and its rewards and sacrifices. My parents along with seven brothers and sisters underwent frequent moves due to military transfers, which meant different schools, friends, homes, and scenery. After high school, like my father, I made a career in the military.

In my final years in the military, I took an interest in adding a unique perspective to my drawing of how we remember special moments in our lives.

My intentions are to gain some meaning about those things in life that most take for granted and apply those aspects to canvas. This hopefully will provide those who witness this artwork, the opportunity to see the majestic value of life in its raw form, if only for a moment.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to leave comments and for those who are just passing through.

--Stuart Murphy

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