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Hi! My name is Jim Wombacher, but my nikname is "Swami". My studio is called "SwamiStuff" and my best friend is my hound dog "Stanley". His AKC reg. name is - Sir Stanley of Swamiville. I do alotta stuff "hand-vectoring" with Adobe Illustrator that I call "VectoPop Art" (vector pop art). And I do traditional art combined with Illustrator and Photoshop that is listed here under Mixed Media, I like to call it SwaMixed Media (cuz I like stickin' my name in it!). Some other oddball stuff is in >>Foto-Rama<<. My sordid life story is on my other web-page (click above). I hope you can have some fun lookin' at my stuff >>I'm trying to get stuff posted then I'll try to fill in better descriptions.

I graduated from SIU-Carbondale,IL in 1979, Fine Art/Drawing. I drew exclusively with pencils & a tech pen. I made money drawing "clip-art" for years. In 87, we had to go electronic with the intro of Adobe Illustrator... ...of course, we (traditional artists) were a little more than put off with the idea of >>computer artwork<< All in all, I really benifited from it. In Illustrator it was the simple realization of drawing with "just another tool". That's why I mostly just "hand-vector" >>drawing with the mouse onscreen --the same as I draw with a pen on paper. It took a while.. >>I even refused to do color until 2000! In Illustrator I stay away from filters, pre-set gradients, layers, mesh, etc. I still work in Illustrator 5 and Photoshop 3... ...I could ramble on forever.

I quit the "clip-art" crap in the year 2001 (after 14 years of freelancing for a syndicated service in NYC). In Dec-Jan 2003/4 I was in a show at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (Manhattan) in which I had 3 pieces of "SwaMixed Media". I had 2 pics of Madonna published in "Madonna In Art" compiled by Mem Mehmet, Chaucer Press; (October 2004). I'm also being included in similiar books, a Tribute to Princess Di 2006 (10 years since her "untimely demise"), Beatles Art: Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four (Spring 2006) & Marilyn In Art 2007 (celebrating what would have been her 80th b-day).

HEY! If you like anything >>I'd appreciate ANY print sales! If you have any questions about anything... feel free to contact me anytime!

In the words of my beloved mother, "Well, anyway..."

Thanks!! Have Fun!!

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