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I was born in Schwaz/ the Tyrol Austria and grew up in a quite creative family. My father as a painter , introduced me to some drawing techniques and to see details other cannot see ! My love is painting, this is my possibility to show others my emotin, thought, soul and ideas and to be a part of my world ! A camera can document the world as it is. As an artist I attempt to create my private inner world for all to see. I can't begin tell you how much I enjoy the creative process. Artistic expression is what I live for.I feel that being in the creative process connects me to the source of creation and brings me closer to my divinity ! Life itself is a material to shape.....Faces, Sounds, Smells are all around us...I just reshape what ever appears on my path, what I remember, what I sense....the result is an endless journey in my mind....A moment by moment memory of being....being who we are and dancing freely in our own melody..... To stimulate creativity and to paint intensively , I visited the following countries on work trips: France, Greece, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, USA,China, Morocco, Caribbean, Venezuela and Australia. I have made 60 exhibitions since 1986. Last one : Strasbourg /France, April 2005. I work in various mediums presently I'm doing abstract works in acrylic. I've been an artist all of my life and love it so much !!! My tools of the trade: Dreams - Reality - Imagination - Emotions.

Any feedback on this site would be welcomed and appreciated! Please don't forget to rate my paintings on your way out ! It's always nice to know who stopped by. In my opinion , art is for everyone, it has multiple meanings........

Enjoy !

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