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Naini Kumar

Any one interested in buying kindly email me. Only those who feel passionate about an image need to contact.

painting are not priced but are for sale. you are free to contact me if you are interested.

I sell unframed paintings because posting is cheaper and easier

I am painting and drawing since I was a child.

I had tutors teaching Art at my home. I did

Intermediate in Art from JJ School of Art Bombay

when I was 13-14.

I won a place to show my painting

(water colour of my brother sitting on the door thresh hold) in Shanker's Weekly

magazine in India.

I have never stopped painting watercolours and sketching ever since.

At my medical school I exhibited my paintings in yearly fairs.

As a Practising surgeon in England, I attended Life classes at Gordon school of art

in Eltham and at Adult education classes in Bromley in addition to watercolour classes.

I have sold and exhibited in my local gallery from time to time.

However my interest was more in actively painting and to collect my work for exhibiting.

I wanted to find my style.

I was looking for my retirement to pursue my vocation more seriously and regularly.

Now I feel ready to exhibit.

My main interest is in still life of glassware showing multitude of shapes and shades.

Recently I am doing more oil paintings.

I am getting interested in paintings like "THE HOUSE" which is expressive.

Paintings are like friends.

I will be pleased if the like minded people will possess my painting.

If anyone would like a bigger size print than is offered, kindly contact me. I may be able to resize the image.

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