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i am S.Hassan Pasha from Pakistan, i am a 30 year old digital artist.I am currently studying at Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) in Melbourne, Australia.I am here to study Game Animation.What started out as a hobby has now evolved into a full time profession. Working as a full time graphics designer/UI designer/3d Artist for a Software Development Company.Before this i was associated with advertising, my previous clientele includes the Hotel industry, i used to do design work for Marriott Hotel,Islamabad.However my advertising portfolio is all 2d, my field of intrest and expertise lies in the 3d side of digital art. i am also learning the art of photography, you can view the Photography folders to look at what i have been doing, i use a 5.1 MP digital camera from Hewlett Packard, the HP R707, my other tools of trade include Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk's 3D studio Max, DAZ's Bryce and Poser, Terragen,Corel Draw are to name the few. Thank you all for stopping by to read my info as well as view my work.Your comments are my source of inspiration so please feel free to leave your valuable words behind.

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