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Carla van den Berg (1955) was born in The Netherlands, today she lives and works in the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). Carla started painting when she was very young. Her education and work experience are broad. Among other things, she completed the 'School of Fashion Designs' (Modevakschool ) and did the teacher training on drawing and textile arts at Ubbo Emmius. For 10 years she organized and taught courses on designing and making fashion, on the art of textile paintings, and on drawing cartoons. She has also produced cartoons for the VPRO gids (the radio and television guide of a Dutch public broadcasting corporation).

In the eighties and nineties Carla van den Berg focused most of her attention on textile arts and sketching with pastel. In those years, her textile portraits have been on display at different regional and group exhibitions. She started her own company in January 2001 and started the project in spring 2003.

At the moment Carla paints with acrylic on her own manually crafted paper which she makes so thick and firm that it is almost carton. Sometimes she also incorporates twigs in her paper. She also makes ink wash drawings. In her art, Carla is inspired by petroglyphs and secular mainly Indian symbolism. With her art she intend to encourage people to make contact with their feelings. Visit as the personal site of Carla.

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