Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Artist Statement/Jo Dawkins

I am deeply influenced by art that speaks of something movable, immovable and or probable in our world . I found images empowering that declare to the world the power of the creative eye. It records in its frame activity, reflection, and the love of humankind.This series is based on my visual life experience in viewing," stain glass," windows. I have layered the paint to develop intricate form which creates a picture. Both lines and shapes has played a signifance role in the development of these pieces. The texture of these pieces invite one to touch yet the work is only a invitation to greater study, participation and self reflection. Color plays a major role as it is able to tranform persective and feelings. I am deeply gratified by cubist and trust Modern Art. It is Modern Art that has created the largest venue for artist participation. It is great if you like my art. It is even greater it you like art. My dear aunt Vergie Mae has encouraged and supported my art.

Artist Highlights