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Thanks for stopping in to read my bio, I am flattered you would like to know more about me :) Lets see, to make your stop in worth while here is a little about me on a personal level...

I will start with my artwork...I taught myself how to use a pencil and came up my own style, I really got into drawing when I was 12, Boris, of course a huge inspiration him and his wife Julie Bell :)The one reason I love to draw is to display emotion on paper....passion is so beautiful....thats why I love to draw animals...their emotions are so interesting little fact about me~ when I start a new portrait (whether its people or animals) I always start with the eyes...

More about my personal life...I have a deep love for nature, huge heart for can call me a bit of a tree hugger :) If I could I would buy my own land and be self sustaining and self sufficient, so I wouldn't have to be a consuming consumer any more...

I am kind of a recluse, our race and where its headed causes me to over think and I end up in a depressed hole, so I like to be at home with my little family, and be happy that I have them to be by my side as I walk this path called life..I love to draw horses, and fantasy art :)

I am 26 with 3 wonderful kids.....sometimes its hard for me to find time for my art because my kids are young and demand a lot of attention :)~ I live with my fiance, the kid's father...I call him my hubby since we have been together for almost 9 years, maybe someday we will get married, but we know we love each other and dont need to have a piece of paper to prove it :)..I have had some college but, not that much....I want to finish but life demands a lot from me right now :)

I LOVE music some of the stuff I listen to consists of Nightwish and Tarja Turunen (fav's at the moment) Pink Floyd, Burzum, Type O Negative, The Doors, Within Temptation, Danzig, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Zeromancer, Strange Vision....I could keep going lol :)~

I would love to make some friends here! I love to browse around and comment on anything that catches my eye :) My main interest right now is the universe, I spend a lot of time contemplating life...I love learning...I believe in Aliens :)I am also into the occult and philosophy so sometimes I add a bit of that into my art...

So I hope that I answered some of your curiosity about myself, if not feel free to email me anytime, I love hearing from other artists and deeper thinkers :) Thanks again for taking the time to visit me :)

check out my Hubby :)

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May your day be a beautiful one!!

ps... I would like to leave you with something to contemplate... You Are Here~


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