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I was born 1967 in the Prague, Czech Republic, middle Europe. I'm living in the town Melnik on the confluences rivers Elbe and Moldau.

[The district town Melník lies in the middle of the Elbe lowlands. The region belongs to the most important agricultural areas of the Czech Republic.]

About me? My family have roots on the czech eden - northeast of the Czech Republic. Everybody live on the beautiful land - trees, lakes, nature... My great grandfather was ranger, he was painting animals, flowers, nature around him... He has mystical authority to me, dead on the my 4th birthday but I am listing his about colours, shines... " how many green colours is on the one leaf of flower..."

I am painting from my childhood. Before two years was painting my great hobby only. I am professional graphic but computer take my energie from :-(
2005 - (collective) Galerie in the Tower, Melnik, CZ
2007 - (individual) KC Zahrada, Prague, CZ
2007 - (collective) Galerie in the Tower, Melnik, CZ
2008 - (collective) Castle Drevohostice, CZ

2009 - (collective) National Gallery Prague, CZ

2009 - (collective) Cafe Gallery Prague, CZ

2010 - (collective) National Gallery Prague, CZ

2010 - (individual) Drevenka, Truskavna, CZ

2011 - (collective) National Gallery Prague, CZ

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