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Tanya L. Roberts-Ross was born in Lake Wales, Florida on March 2nd, 1981. She has two wonderful and creative sisters, Brandy and Tracy, who mean the world to her. Her mother, Carol, and step-father, Ronnie, have supported her artistic endeavors throughout her childhood years, and still provide encouragement as she continues the pursuit of a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree.
Before she started attending school for art, Tanya studied Marine Biology at Texas A&M University in Galveston, Texas. After three semesters of science and math, she realized her true passion was in art, after all. Her encounters with sciences while at Texas A&M have helped her mind's eye when she draws landscape, anatomy, animals, and even fantasy.
Tanya currently resides in Lawton, Oklahoma with her husband, Nate, their chihuahua, Trogdor, and two daughters, Lena and Teta.

Artist's Statement:
I am a colored pencil artist. I use a technique that I created, as far as I know, but I am willing to share it with anyone who is interested. It does take a great deal of concentration and time to work this way, but I encourage people to give it a shot. And, just for the heck of it, I am leaving my old artists statement although things have changed since I wrote that thing years ago, hehe:

Everyone has their niche. For me, it has always been art. Throughout my days in grade-, junior-, and even high-school, I was known simply as the quiet smart girl who can draw. Granted things have changed and a great abundance of life has happened since then, I still emphatically enjoy the only true mechanism and ventilation system my emotions have ever had.
It took a few people knocking me down to learn to let things go and to get to where I am, but I am slowly turning negative experiences into good auras and vibes to build a good character within myself that others will love to be around. Of late, I am slowly teaching myself to draw from a collaboration of the joy Ive found in new relationships, rekindled friendships, re-established family values, and newfound spirituality. I must admit--Im finally cranking out some newer styles. I am trying to find my ultimate design.
If you have any comments on my artwork, any pointers on different techniques and mediums, or if you just like to have net-buddies, shoot me an e-mail. ([email protected]) I must warn you: I love to type very long e-mails, especially if we are speaking of art!

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