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I am myself a collaboration of a musician/poet/photographer and an artist, so creativity has always been a way of life, as integral as eating or breathing.

My unique chemistry invested me with an expansive imaginatioon that includes the ability to see things that others don't. It gives me a unique perspective of the world around me. I find the simplest moments inspiring, and believe that each moment is indeed a holy moment if we are open to receiving it.

I can not take credit as the originator of these creative works. I am simply the messenger, the conduit through which they are carried into this world. Every work is an experiment, an exploration, an offshoot of some ethereal seed, and do-it-yourself therapy. And each is a unique being, alive in that is speaks for itself now, connecting me to you even in my absence.

And so I welcome your responses as the cycle of connectedness continues. I thank all the wonderful artists who encourage and inspire me. I'm grateful for this community of creative souls who've drawn me out of my closet. Thanks, blessed be.

Giclee prints of most works are now available. Please contact me for specific info.

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