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Biography: Robert J. Miller Columnist [email protected]

I, (vanrijngo) went to the Rembrandt House Museum and the Vincent van Gogh Foundation and museum in Amsterdam in 1995 with the intention and idea of bringing more attention to the experts there about Rembrandt's and Vincent's works of art. After showing two major works from the Rembrandt House to one of their own experts, about this unique aspect of Rembrandt's techniques in his art, it turned into a totally disastrous failure. She jumped back about three feet, and then proceeded to tell me to go write a book, and if it becomes a best seller, only then would she agree to talk with me. Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh's Lost Legacy is a delight to the eye. Needless to say the expert I saw at the Vincent van Gogh Foundation was no different.

No one else that I know of has attempted what I believe I myself have accomplished in Rembrandt van Rijn's and Vincent van Gogh's Lost Legacy. Digging deeply to expose the full range of Rembrandt's and Vincent's published and non-published works of art has made very little difference in the art world, I believe. I have shown and told the world how Rembrandt's and Vincent's art reached and is still reaching the multitudes, of their reputations, of their lives, of their idiosyncrasies which has circled the globe, implanting their vision of their own works of art in the popular mind. Their Legacy stands as a companion to truths, volumes of unknown facts of these two artists, etchers/engravers and painters who had fallen from grace and popularity only to die as a bankrupt arsehole and a suicidal piece of shit. My findings are a treasure-trove certain to delight every Rembrandt and Vincent fan.

It is a very good thing that I, vanrijngo, a dedicated student of Rembrandt and Vincent' works, have undertaken the ambitious task of presenting to all at least a part of the vast array of material that surrounds Rembrandt and Vincent's art. Besides the sheer visual pleasure that it brings, a careful study of this material may tell us much about the appeal of their art and the audience for which it was intended.

You are the beneficiaries of vanrijngo's enthusiastic devotion in gathering all this information, memorabilia, and unknown master pieces together in these remarkable publications I have been doing, in my blogs and diary, while also being a columnist for Bohème Online Magazine. Readers are in for a treat from my own sprightly and factual text. Surely many will experience a sense of wonder, surprise and delight to discover the extent of Rembrandt's and Vincent's mark on the world. Welcome, all of you, to the world of Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh nuts. You have made a remarkable contribution to the world by just reading, trying to visualize, with most not being able to understand what is being shown and said.

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