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Wow, I'm what they would call a late bloomer, I started creating artwork in my late teens on and off, i've developed my own unique style, It's a little dark and gloomy but i can't express my art any other way, I never use any colors unless i'm doing it on a computer but that hardly ever happens, my instruments of choice are pencils, india ink, acrylic black paints and markers, usually sharpie,they are a breeze to use. My style is mostly made up of comicbook like characters and sometimes i switch it up to other styles.i'm recently starting to draw real life art. or close to it. i'll post those from time to time. So here's my work, I hope you enjoy it. I enjoy creating it . I thank you dearly, I'm updating this a bit so bear with me, i've been painting a whole lot lately and have been using the same medium, mostly acrylic and india ink for splatter, I'm trying to actually build up my artwork so i can hopefully sell them. 0.o, i'll keep posting my artwork for everyone to see. Thanks. Please feel free to leave a comment, i appreciate it.

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