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Color In Nature - Plants

Artist Description: Settle down with your colored pencils and practice your skill of drawing and coloring with these grayscale pictures from the archive of nature photographer Kimberly J Tilley. There are sixty photographs that have been turned into line art for you to enjoy at home or on the go. The darker sections in the artwork is meant for shading. The lighter the section, the brighter the color should be. This way of coloring will help you to achieve a better understanding of how light works in the natural world, so that you may conjure up more realistic illustrations or paintings. The pages of this coloring book feature plants that Kimberly has photographed in gardens and on trails. There are fruiting trees, flowering shrubs, young ferns, a cactus, ranunculuses, asters, daisies, clovers, lilies, daffodils, and rare plants such as lady slippers, Indian cucumber root and trilliums, and several more specimens. For a better coloring experience, place a piece of sturdy paper behind the page that you are working on. If you chose to download this book, try printing on thicker paper to use markers or paint. I hope that you enjoy coloring in my artwork! Feel free to share your finished pages with me!

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