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06 Mar, 2023

Hey There! This week I have decided to add pictures of waterfalls to my gallery. I figured since Spring is right around the corner, maybe my pictures could help inspire your next trip. Springtime is one of the best times to go to waterfalls. Today's uploads are from a waterfall that I used to live near, Little Mashel Falls. This trail is usually covered in mud and was not well marked. Some people opt to park by a trespassing sign and get their vehicles broken into or stolen; even towed away when the railway company has had enough. You should park in one of the town parking lots that are provided for the trails. And never keep items in view. And be safe, people have died here. Be aware, Washington State has a homeless crisis that they are not solving. People go from living in the cities for the cold months, then move to the forests in the warm months. Eatonville is a small town, with independent businesses, don't forget to tour them. John Cena's tv series, Grit, was film in these woods. The nearby lake, used to be a town. They flooded it for hydro-power. There are still remains below the water and it's very sooty water. The town offers a great view of Mount Rainier, you'll want to save some battery power for that. Stay tuned-in for tomorrow's waterfall. Have a great night!


02 Mar, 2023

I have not found time to post to my account this week. However, I did work a little bit on my ko-fi account. Over there, I decided to add a few wallpapers for mobile devices. The encouragement is for the shop to have some free items. Donations are always welcomed. Monthly subscribers is highly encouraged, but I cannot guarantee any time for anyone outside of my home, so I don't have that plan active. I added these eight pictures of waterfalls that I photographed in Washington State, California, Idaho and New Hampshire as mobile wallpaper for free/pay what you what. There will only be 100 sales of each image allowed. My ko-fi page with the waterfall wallpapers can be found at: Have a great weekend!


20 Feb, 2023

This week I will be adding pictures that I have taken in National Parks. Today's uploads was from Yellowstone, as it was the first established U.S. National Park, thanks to the dedicated efforts of bringing this country to protect the natural world by John Muir, Ansel Addams, and to the President that love the land, Roosevelt, for declaring it so. Which led to a global effect of other countries doing the same and establishing their own National Parks. There will be pictures from the Arches, Yosemite, Lassen Volcanic and Mount Rainier. I hope that you have a great week!


23 Jan, 2023

Hello! Are you getting any snow? We finally have! It should have started to snow in November. Last night it started to snow a little; it was switching between temperatures. This afternoon it has stopped and now we have a good amount of snow on the ground. Maybe 14 inches. More snow is suppose to come this week too! YAY! This week I am adding pictures from my Humpback Whale collection. The first set is titled, 'The Bird that Woke the Whales', and I gave the story of the images in the description of each upload. If I miss a day this week, it is because we should never have had an electrical grid system of exposed lines. Have a great week!


03 Jan, 2023

Hello 2023! I hope that everyone had the best holiday that they could! My condolences to all the losses over the past few weeks. For us, it was relaxing. We mostly played a video game and watched some movies and tv shows. We did not have any snow to play in. It was disappointing that we have had no snow for the beginning of winter. It is so very brown outside, this is unheard of for New Hampshire! I hope the weather cools down so we can have some snow instead of rain. This week I feel like adding black and white photos to my account, here. I cannot guarantee that they won't be all birds. I hope you like our feathered friends! Have a great week!


02 Dec, 2022

Salutations Kind Visitor, I have been rather occupied with other responsibilities to tend to my artist life. Things are changing for me and what I do with my art will change too. For starters, I have a brand new website. I have my own domain once again! And, I have enrolled in the printing program with ArtWanted. And, I just made a 2023 wall calendar. A little late in the season, but it's one task off of my to do list. The 2023 twelve month wall calendar features a selection of photographs of the national parks that we have been to, and is called Parks of America. You can find it through the link below. Now that I am using the printing store of ArtWanted, if there is any of my artwork that you would like offered for sale here, just ask. I'll be back to add more to the store another day. Have a great weekend!