Artist Bio

Artist's Statement : I'm driven by a subconscious passion to create effective, freshly interesting, timeless, quality abstract paintings. My work is created to be experienced. For the most part it is neither a conscious statement nor is it of any subject matter to be interpreted. It is my hope that the works are enjoyed, that they are stimulating and inspirational to viewers. I begin a piece with no preconception thus allowing a purer creation process to take place. The painting "becomes" from nothingness. I lay the paint in heavily and then use a deep sgraffitto technique to scratch through the paint in an aggressive, semi controlled chaotic manner. The tonals and composistion are spontaneous. Although I pit myself against the masters of early 20th century abstraction when I begin a new piece, my goal is to produce a timeless painting that is of the highest quality.

Enjoy a glimpse of "VanGoghs' Ear"

Artist Highlights