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First and foremost, I'd like to take a moment to give a HUGE Thanx to everyone who commented on my artwork, whether applause or was ALL greatly appreciated :D

I've decided to include my artwork from childhood and teen years. I find it most interesting to see my progress thru the years and think it might be of interest to those who are just starting out to see how we all start out :) A few lines at a time ;) I will be sorting them into 5 year spans... so please be sure to have a look :D

Feel free to drop me an email anytime. :)

So come in and have a look...see what's new....and hopefully enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoy creating it! :D Thanx :D

)O( Hello & Merry Meet )O(

Let me introduce myself. My name is Angelea Swihart of Angel Wolf Studio ~ Bronson, MI.

I have been creating art my entire life and work in a variety of styles and mediums. My eclectic art includes Pencil works, Pet Portraits, Wildlife & Fantasy Work, Murals in Acrylic, Oil Paintings,Illustration ~ Specializing in Children's Books, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Pastel, Photography, Stipple, Custom Pendulums & Ouija Boards, Tattoos & anything else that captures my Imagination!

I have done murals in several businesses and have custom ordered pieces in homes around the country.

Some of my Specialty Custom Works include Pet Portraits, Murals, Pendulums and Ouija Boards. Please contact me via email if you are interested in any kind of custom work.

See my murals at

Whimsy Murals

You can find ALL NEW!!!!!!!! items featuring my art at

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Thank you for viewing my work. I hope you enjoyed your stay :)

Blessed be!

Angie ~ Angel Wolf Studio

My business website :)

And the site soon to offer my original books.... Give me a few months...LOL...books take a while to create ;)

Angel Wolf Studio Books

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Be sure to see my Mother's Illustrations at

Butterflies & Lady's Slippers

Please go check out my Daughter's work at

Raven's Art

And my Sons' at

Fox's Art


Pere's Art

My Cousin Destanie's work at

Destanie's Art

My BFF's work.....

A most amazing story soon to unfold....

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  • Lives In:    United States
  • Gallery:    Photography
  • Represented By:    Angel Wolf Studio
  • Past Clients:    Tin Monkey, Fricanos and Sturgis Library