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Origami Art of Andrew Wang


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Laura Baroudi

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My portfolio includes photographs, original abstract acrylic paintings as well as original mixed media paintings. If my work is inspired by another painter, I will describe this in the work whether in the title itself or in the actual description of the painting. Any similar features to another painter and their work that is not mentioned in this manner indicates coincidental similarities and should be viewed as such. There is a connected consciousness and we all have access to this. The paintings I make have acrylic paint as the base and I often use gloss medium. modeling paste and modeling gel to create variations, ridges or levels on the surface of the painting. Layers of paint on paint are also used to create these textured levels or ridges that rise above the surface of the canvas.. The mixed media works that I create include materials such as beads, paper, sand and metallic acrylic ink. Paintings are varnished to protect and seal the work.when they are complete and have fully dried. The paintings come with a wire backing so that no framing is required and the paintings are ready to hang with ease on arrival.


I am an educator, a painter and a photographer. I am most often taking photographs related to nature whether at the beach or on a walk and I often take photographs of the living beings in the natural world such as plants, flowers or trees. My photogr... Read More

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Posted 03 Jan 2024
Why hate, revenge and war are futile and need to be abandoned for our survival Read More

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Recent Feedback

11 days ago
beautiful captured,wonderful timing ,,Cardinals really stand out amongst all the other birdsout here we don't see to many ,so it's a bonus to be able to spot one - Al
16 days ago
This is very rare! Nice one! - J
19 days ago
Lovely work Laura, these colors are so fun and such a great textural feel to this! - Vicki
19 days ago
Wow never saw a black one before . Nice shot : ) - Dave
20 days ago

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