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Latyshev Valerii is an artist living and working in Russia. He is a self-taught woodworker and for quite a long time is engaged in inlay on wood making wooden jewelry, accessories, home decor items. Once upon a time, Valerii was happy to draw, but he seemed to have forgotten about it.

But you can say that suddenly he felt a long-standing interest in drawing. He accidentally stumbled upon his old drawings, which awakened pleasant memories in him. He remembered again the sensations when the pencil rustles along the watercolor paper, giving birth to a new space with lines and shapes. A long-standing passion, like a dream, has now become a reality on a qualitatively new level and has turned into an essential part of Valery's life, inviting him to move in a new exciting direction.

He still creates inlaid things, but now besides this Valerii makes drawings, paintings, and mixed media artworks. Maybe under the influence of artists in the style of suprematism as well as his own experience in inlay, where lines and figures also play an essential role, Valerii tends to use abstract and geometric shapes in his artworks. Perhaps his artworks are the new Russian avant-garde, who knows.

As an artist Valerii is interested in the relationship between painting technique and our own ways of seeing, our emotional connection with images and fantasies. And Valerii wants to express his feelings rather than illustrate them. The painting becomes an experiment that allows him to explore himself deeper, learn more about himself and the world around him.

The painting reflects the inner feelings of the artist, which are sometimes logically inexplicable, and the creative process exposes them. That is, painting helps you to realize and experience what you see more deeply, creating a visual product that other people will see. And involuntarily you look at it as if through someone else's eyes, worrying about the clarity of the message of the picture, about the clarity of visual information. Since any, even an abstract painting, carries, in addition to aesthetic content, some kind of message from the author, even if it is not always obvious to everyone.

His drawings are very often has the character of improvisation and do not have a clearly expressed concept or idea. In the process of work he tries to visualize the movement of invisible energy as it flows up and down around us in the universe. Valery seems to extract images from surrounding space and they become flesh on the tip of a pencil or brush. In the process of working the images can change, and Valerii himself do not fully know what the result will be. Wading through Valerii`s artworks, a viewer seems to be looking through multiple layers, double meanings and symbols.

The title of the work can also often be spontaneous and completely associative, chosen under the influence of some image, thought, memory or melody that sounds during the creative process. Although all this does not negate the fact that a spectator can see something completely different in the work with absolutely different associations and a title.

Of course, in addition to the trivial need to earn a living, Valerii is interested in aspects of feedback from society. After all, any artist strives not only to express his own "I", but also naively dreams of making the world a better place. Otherwise, art would have turned into a banal craft long ago.

And one more thought that Valery feels as important: a modern person lives in a standardized society. Globalization has led to the fact that we can wear the same clothes anywhere in the world, live in similar interiors, use the same things. A painting in the interior may be the only unique thing. Therefore, individuality of the painting is self-valuable. So Valerii`s desire is for his paintings to resonate in the hearts of the audience and become a part of their soul.

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