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My creative background began with post secondary studies at B.C.I.T., David Thompson University Center and the Sheridan College School Of Visual Arts followed by a year of commercial portfolio development with a focus on fashion, people, travel and sports. That set me up to pursue my twelve years and career in the conventional chemical based commercial photography industry while living in Toronto and Vancouver. My assignments had me working across Canada and internationally for numerous clients in the consumer magazine, advertising and corporate communications industries, retiring from it in a commercial capacity in 1997. In 2005, well into the digital revolution, I began to explore PC’s and software leading me to the creation of new works that were digital based and eventually creating a number of illustrations, paintings and geometric based visual art work series between 2006 and 2019. In 2012, I obtained my first smart phone with a camera to begin creating imagery that is more impressionism than realism as I strive to create more of a dreamscape than a reality through my interpretive work that is often focused on mostly natural elements. That work is featured in a number of my self published pictorial publications in the Bookstore on and that are for sale. Other works viewed here may be for sale and can be ordered via contacting me directly at [email protected] Please note, that I retain all copyright ownership to my art work be it captured on conventional film, cell phone camera or created on computer.

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