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Mothers Duty-2

Aubrey Chali

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CHALINISM CONCEPTS ARTIST statement My art is a research and an awareness campaign on preserving and promoting our environment and beneficial cultural practices. It is with this belief that I emphasize in my statement that the past should not be neglected and the young should be taught cultural values and practices which modern society is almost losing. I also pose a question, as a current generation, what do we have for our children? Will our children be able to share our beliefs, values and norms if we don’t give them guidance? My inclination to explore cultures and the environment as a means of gathering knowledge has led to my body of work. The images come from memory, imagination and research studies. I use simplicity forms, mixed media, experimental processes and colour experienced as light to create a sense of wonder. I demonstrate that visual signs and linguistic symbols are equally important for tracing and recording human history and cultures. My subject matter is about spiritual traditional studies and a comment on nature and human culture, that is to say, where they have been, where they are and where they hope to go in life. According to my creative ideologies, the well cut designs of the chitenge materials speak of man’s identity and incredible confidence over his surroundings where he is not materially restricted while the paint in my body of works refers to our short comings of material restrictions. What influences my art mainly are ancient cultures and nature with its lavish hues and rich textures, often it is this deep connection that brings me back time and time again to creating paintings inspired by our natural world.


Born in Chingola, Copper belt Province, Zambia. Aubrey Chali was raised in Mufurila, Ndola on the Copperbelt and Mansa in Luapula Province where he attended schools at St Clements’ and Samfya Secondary respectively although he is a practicing inform... Read More