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Self Portrait

Hi, I was born in Athens,Greece. My current job is in the Hague, Holland. I studied Chemistry in Greece (Athens) and in USA (Michigan) and painting in Vrije Akademie (the Hague). I live in two worlds: a Southern one, with a happy sunny inspiring landscape having mostly white, blue,ochre, brown colors and a Northern one which is more atmospheric, sad and architectural, having mostly green, earthy and grey colors. I try to capture the beauty of both of these worlds in my paintings. I consider myself an impressionist who is trying to capture the impression and the feeling of a certain scene. I enjoy painting outside in Holland -weather permitting- and I often travel to Greece, France, Malta & Italy to capture the light of the South.I paint in acrylics and sometimes I use soft pastels. I have three youtube films related to my paintings. I had several solo exhibitions in Europe (Greece, Belgium and Holland) during the last 13 years and several group ones. My last exhibition was in the Hague in 2011 and I will have one in Greece this summer.

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