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"To me, art is a form of expression through colour and form.

My art is produced because I feel an excitement - a "quickening" to capture a single moment in time and the feelings associated with it."

I am a self-taught life-long painter. One of my earliest memories is that of discovering a plastic flip-flop pallette of paint in the attic of a house our family was renting. I fell in love with the excitement of magically transforming scrap pieces of paper into beautiful forms and colours.

A naturally creative person, I have delved into different forms of art through the years. I've always pursued these ventures by being self-taught through experimentation and observation of the masters. My mentors are the masters. I believe my paintings show many aspects about who I am. This is true for all artists, is unconscious and cannot be controlled. It is not for me to say what those aspects are or what you might feel from my work. But I hope that my love of colours and forms comes through in my work.

~ Renata

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