Artist Bio

Self Portrait

"I am primarily a landscape artist who paints with the passion I feel for our planet Earth. My art reflects the beautiful vistas of nature, and colourful scenes from journeys to wondrous places in the world. My use of colour, light, design and form emphasize the moods of nature. Layers of my chosen medium are applied to create atmospheric representations of the chosen subject matter. My favorite way to paint is in a modern, impressionistic or contemporary style, with evocative and dramatic effects It is sometimes representational but takes the painting beyond actual depiction into new realms and dimensions. Some works may be purely abstract but always portray an emotion. I like to share with the viewer the vision of the scene I am representing, to allow them to wander within the painting and absorb the beauty of the light, the colour and the form they discover. Perhaps there may even be a glimpse of fleeting visions or past memories which stir the soul. I love to follow changing moods on my journey in creativity, through use of colour , temperature and light. These elements are the key to my inspiration, and with them I love to create paintings that communicate emotion and visual splendour to the viewer."

Artist Highlights