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Ana de Medeiros - Painter and Sculptor Freestyle Painting and Sculptures, digital and multimedia design, illustrations Poems and stories

...Sometimes I have got the intention to have an image appear to the viever as unfinished or possibly disarranged...

Ana de Medeiros is the artistic name of Ana Maria Moura Goulart de Medeiros, she was born in 1950 in Lisbon, Portugal.The painter and sculptor lives and works in Germany since 1970. During the years as painter her style developed through an impressionistic period and a long phase of abstract figurative painting towards pure abstraction wherein she has finally found her strongest form of expression.

Born 1950 in Lisbon. Grown up in Portugal, in the cities of Lisbon and Faro. Since 1970 french citizenship and living in germany. Since 1985 selftaught freelance painter and sculptor. Since 1995 member of the professional association of fine arts (BBK). From 1995: The artist gives private lectures for expressionism, freestyle painting and sculpture. 1995 to 2000: Writing short stories, autodidactic studies of digital and multimedial design, book illustrations. From 2001: Abstract painting - gestic and informal painting. Winner - 2004, "Palm award"

Series "La Chambre des Couleurs", started 2004 and is still in progress. "La Chambre des Couleurs" which means "the room of colors" stands as a synonym for the life itself. The painter and sculptor Ana de Medeiros started this series with the painting "Entrée dans la chambre.." (entrance to the room of colors), a painting the artist meant to symbolize both an access to life but also an exit. Right after entering the room of colors - though slowly - a process starts, like a game full of naivity, on search, without experience, characterized by minimalistic painting in basic colors on a rough and sandy canvas which again reminds of the artists country. La Chambre des Couleurs, until now:

(2004-2005: Les premieres Impressions) (2005-2006: La salle Orange) (2008: Intermezzo) ...

 "Dissonances and Dérangements":

The pictures of the "Dissonances and dérangements" phase have been created during the years 2002 and 2004. This series grew from the fascination for the beauty of imperfection. Why do we love the crumbling plaster, the peeled off paint on old houses. They are giving us history, memory or imagination of occasions and the wormth of human life - in opposition to the rational coldness of perfection. Derangements are used to bring poems on canvas. In most cases these are fractions of memories. The materials Ana de Medeiros uses for this purpose accompany and emphasize the presentation of the particular situation Besides acrylics, gouache, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, emulsion painting and oil the artist often uses additional materials like sand, nails, salt or parts of plants to further intensify the special symbolic character of her paintings.

Solo exhibitions

1993 Aichach, Town hall: "Everything upside down" 1994 Augsburg, Liliom: "Electric Impressions" 2004 Zschopau, Schloßgalerie Wildeck: "Dèrangements Dissonances" From april 4th until november 12th 2006 Bavarian State Exhibition 2006: "200 Jears Frankonia in Bavaria" - Museum Industriekultur Nürnberg

Group exhibitions

1990 Munich, Galerie G. Mang: Paintings&Sculptures 1992 Munich, Arabella Galerie: "painting withoutfrontiers") 2002 Munich, Arabella Galerie: "Ten years ago" 2003 Augsburg, Werkstattgalerie Krüggling: "Verkaufswochenende" 2003 Port d'Andratx - Mallorca, Art-Domain Gallery: "From informality to form"

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