Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I am an artist by nature. I am an artist by instinct. I am an artist by belief. I am an artist because I follow the dictates of my heart. Art for me is basically is a medium of communication. But strangely enough most of the time this communication is addressed to my own self. Its as if I am talking to my inner being. The interaction is with my subconscious self. And when this self cries out to be heard, my hand reaches out for the brush. The best thing is when the artist in me takes over I am least bothered about getting it right. I begin with a feeling and let it grow, guiding it, letting it speak instead of forcing it to happen. By abandoning all attempt at control I let the truth come out. And when the truth is out it gives me a great sense of wholeness, connection and satisfaction. There are times when I wonder what Id be if I were not an artist. I guess Id be just another drifter leading a meaningless life. Art truly gives meaning to my existence. Its a presence that is all encompassing, all pervasive. I see art all around me in every object that I lay my eyes on. Theres beauty all around us waiting to be discovered. I capture them, every object, texture, surface and try to find meaning in them as I work with them. For me photography is a medium of story-telling, exploration, spirituality as well as celebration. And by combining photography with fine art it becomes a work of the soul that enriches everyday existence, making me feel intensely and rapturously alive. I am forever conceptualizing. And I conceive without being burdened by the thought of having to sell what I create. Thats because I am lucky enough to earn my livelihood by creating advertising and teaching. So as the great master Salvador Dali put it,  I create because I am compelled to do so and if the world buys it, so much the better.

Artist Highlights