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I retired a couple of years ago and decided to try and fill my new life with fun and interesting things. So I am taking art lessons plus I am trying to learn to photograph artistically. I am really enjoying this site. There is such a variety of talent represented here.

I do not have a background in art at all, but I am trying to learn fast. Just call me a very late bloomer (haha). I joined this site to try and see what real art looks like and I hope someday I can be half as good as most of you are.

I think it is really too bad they do not have a beginners section. I feel really waaaaay out of my element with such talent that is on here!

I would like to comment on my drawings/paintings. Most of them were taken from beginners art books. I cannot remember exactly which ones came from which books but from now on I will try to remember. I do know that most of the birds came from Sherry Nelson Art Books. Those I do remember. I would not want to offend any artist with my pitiful renditions of their works but I will try to make sure I state my sources from now on.

The photography, however, is totally mine and mine alone. I use or used a Canon digital. A simple camera because I also do not have any training in photography.

As I mentioned I only started trying my hand at any art about 6 months ago when we started a beginners art class for seniors. I am 62 and just do my art and photos for fun .. you will notice .. I have not tried to sell anything nor will I. This is my hobby and I have never tried to intentionally take credit for something I have not done. If I have done so unintentionally, I apologize to the real artists on this site!!


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