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Welcome! My artist name is Adrian Bayreuther. I am an artist for more than 45 years already. Musician, painter and, above all, synesthesist. I can see musical notes and bring the seen impressions to paper. Newest pictures contain synesthetic aspects. A number of watercolor pictures are with a touch of cubism: faces showing front and side simultaneously with feelings and impressions like sadness, fear, sarcasm, etc. In general, my style is a branch of the so called "neo-constructivism". While replicating pictures of Kasimir Malevich for a gallery, own suprematistic pictures have been created. I'll continue this from time to time once I am in the mood. It is a pity that most of the art buyers do not have knowledges about suprematism and synesthesia at all. I enjoy the membership at because it is the perfect forum to show how differently European and American art develop. The artists learn from each other and create own ideas. Fascinating. I live in the state Hessen in Germany but the entire world is my home. Whenever I get outside of Germany new ideas appear and guide my brushes. Im am active member of the Künstlergruppe (artists group) Alzey/Kirchheimbolanden together with my friends Natalya Shurmovskaya, Marita Mirinioui, Anette Ruther and Bodo Tilch Przybilski. You'll find some of their artwork in my portfolio, sub category "Guests". My personal portfolio picture is also a pencil drawing by Natalya Shurmovskaya. The woman who kisses me is meant symbolic for a protecting angel whom Natalya wishes to be with me all the time. During the year 2008 I approached the style of the Russian avantgardists (Suprematism, Futurism, Constructivism) and I am going to continue to experiment around in this field for a while. Effective 2009 I began to attend a multitude of exhibitions and sell my art work there. At AW I switched off the rating possibility because there was a clown whose goal was to rate every single picture of me with a 5. In August 2009 I formed the international artists group "3rd Paradigm" with my friends Alberto D'Assumpção (Portugal), Constantin Severin (Romania), Izabella Pavlushko (Azerbaidjan) and Olga Dmytrenko (USA). We had numerous group exhibitions since then and experience a lot of success together, world wide. Effective May 2009 I live in Eschborn, a wealthy town near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am having exhibitions in the area in a continuous row. The place is phantastic. For more info just visit my alternate web site or meet me at Facebook, where I am registered by my civilian name Bernhard Mueller.

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