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luca osborne 06 Oct 2017

That is so great)

Vincent von Frese 10 Oct 2017

Yuri....your crocodile work is cool! I like it.

It reminds me of when I was sitting on the bank of the Swanee River a dozen years ago and an elderly southern gentleman who was fishing had said said to me about the big alligator I had spotted not far from the bank were the two of us were sitting. The man, who's name was Joe Mac said "the alligator "gots" two sets of eyes, one sets in the water and the other sets on you!" He emphasized the word "you" at the end of his sentence.

marie-claire gallet 25 Oct 2017

Have tried you hero presentation ! Hope you like it !!

Ginger Olansen 05 Nov 2017

I am showing my second hero image this month! Hope everyone likes it? Its Costa Rico

Ginger Olansen 05 Nov 2017

I meant to mention its a painting I did in acrylic!