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Yury Yanin 16 Jun 2017

Dear Sharon,

My jokes about my own stupidity are mostly kind of a black humor, more a self fun, not a self beating. However, a Russian saying says: “there is a part of joke in every joke”. Who knows where is a part of a joke, where is a part of the truth, and which part is bigger in every case? For example, when I compare myself with my 7 y. o. grandson, I often have very little choice: first - to admit my stupidity; second – to admit that I am now old as a frozen mammoth and thus am useless and no better then stupid anyway. Young ones they now have their own mutual logic, they think along the same lines, they feel better where they should create or find and push various “save buttons”. So they usually find such “buttons” much faster then me…

Thank you for your encouragement anyway, you are always my inspiration!!! So now I'll try to fix the problem with my hero image too...!

Sharon De Vore 16 Jun 2017

Excellent, Yuri.

You are exactly right; in jokes there are half truths...The danger of kidding in a negative way is that a person's psyche might start believing the negatives they are speaking. Much better to say the positive side & keep the brain totally happy & others too. Don't you think?


Sigridur Bachmann 16 Jun 2017

Here comes my hero images ...

Sharon De Vore 16 Jun 2017

Absolutely Beautiful, dear Sigga. Sharon

Sigridur Bachmann 16 Jun 2017

Thank you so very much dear Sharon !

ArtWanted.com Staff 17 Jun 2017

Looks great Sigridur, now you just need to upload it to your portfolio. You can do that on the following page:


Yury Yanin 18 Jun 2017

Hi again everybody,

They excluded me from this thread for 48 hours, because I talk too much. They said that I had sent too many posts into one thread in a short time, and they are prudently afraid of spam… They are right… probably…, but my exile term has ended and I am here again, so to say fresh from jail…

Oh yes, Sharon, you are so right about possible danger of jokes and kidding… Fortunately it doesn’t matter for the two of us, because jokes or no jokes, you can be always absolutely sure in my good attitude to you…

Now seriously… If the above seems kinda spam for the AW staff, the following is NOT. Probably they should reconsider their recommendations about the preferable size of the hero image. I wrote that the image 2000X400 pixels appeared badly cropped on my screen. I made it 2000X500 and it was cropped again, then I made it 1600X400. The latter is also cropped, but not so badly. I left it as it is for awhile.

Sharon De Vore 18 Jun 2017

Your Hero looks superb, Yuri. Thumbs up. Happy about your good attitude to me. You can be certain that my thoughts are always positive. about you. In fact, I like to keep positivity in my brain & a smile on my face. :-) Sharon

ArtWanted.com Staff 19 Jun 2017

Yuri - Sorry for the lock out, this is automatic and setup to reduce spam on the site.

As for your hero image, keep in mind that your portfolio will be viewed on many different sized screens, tables and mobile phones. Depending on the screen size and device, your portfolio hero image will adjust sizes to best fit what screen it's being viewed on. Part of your hero image will always be cropped, either on the sides or top/bottom, depending on the screen resolution. You can try resizing your browser window to see how the hero image adjusts to the size of the browser. Here is a screen shot of your portfolio at different sized screens, just to show you what we mean...

Sharon De Vore 19 Jun 2017

This is my hero now but had a terrible time choosing which position of this Watercolor Riverwalk San Antonio, TX to use.

Yury Yanin 20 Jun 2017

Dear staff..... (sounds somehow strange and incovenient... couldn't we use some more human name, when writing to you?)... I understand that my lockout was automatic and you also know that I always support your efforts in fighting against spam. So, nothing to be sorry of, just my doubtful jokes again.... As for hero images... I had suspected that the problem was in the ratio of a screen sides. However, it makes our task as AW members a bit more complicated - we should create a fully adjustable images, which could play the role of a hero image in all possible shapes, I mean - croped in any possible way. May be it should be kind of abstract image, or collage, or some other decision. Shouldn't you express this problem in your recommendations more clearly as to be decided by the artist?...

Yury Yanin 20 Jun 2017

And yea, Sharon, I also try to smile all the time...

Ginger Olansen 28 Jun 2017

I like it!

Tak-Sek Chan 29 Jun 2017

I would like to participate in the Fl;oral Photographic Contest.

Ginger Olansen 02 Jul 2017

I had to delete my hero image cause it. Hoizont image now it turns it to sis so it's ventricle. It worked th first week pleas fixt ART Wanted

James Anderson 19 Jul 2017

Thanks for the great update. I posted my new header.

David Ewart 28 Jul 2017

Hi I wanted this image of my son In Iraq to be set up in the New Hero section of Art Wanted, but just don't know how. Maybe you could do it for me. I,m 78 and not very savoy when it comes to computers Thanks Dave Ewart.

Susan Neese 09 Aug 2017

Uploaded my Hero image....... thanks. Susan

Ariella Star 18 Aug 2017

Hi, I tried to post an image and also a hearo image via the "choose file" option but it is unresponsive. The only way I could post an image was via email. Why is that? :( Please help:'(

José Fortunato 24 Sep 2017

With my really greatHEROS, my 11 grand children, some years ago !