11 June, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Portfolio Hero Images

ArtWanted is happy to announce a new free upgrade... Portfolio Hero Images!

What's a Hero Image?

A "hero image" is a large banner-like header image that is designed to capture attention of the website visitor. For artists and photographers, your hero image should represent your best work and invite the visitor to dive into your portfolio more.

All members of ArtWanted can upload now upload a hero image to enhance the look of their main portfolio page. The hero image can be one of your favorite images or you can create a custom hero image using a collage of your artwork/photos.

Hero Image Tips:

  • Horizontal images are strongly recommended.
  • The length should be 4x the height (ie 2,000 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall)
  • JPG images (in RGB color mode) work the best.
  • Darker/colorful images look better, as your name will be in white text.
  • The top part of your image will be displayed, so crop your image before upload.
  • After uploading your image, review the results and tweak your image if needed.

Update Your Portfolio Today

We look forward to seeing what you can do with your portfolio hero image. To get started, visit your USER PREFERENCES page and upload your new hero image in the Portfolio Layout area.

Here are a few more hero image examples...

After you have uploaded your own new hero image, we invite you to post a note to this message board thread, so we can check it out!



Bob Talbot 12 Jun 2017

Updated acct. to show Hero image for portfolio. Used horizontal image (unknown pixels??) Do not know how to do a collage?? Also changed message board pic. to horizontal as vertical images shown on side?? Any help with this is welcome.

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

Thanks for trying some new things Bob.

The hero image you uploaded is pretty low resolution, so it still works, it will just be more blurry than if you are able to upload a higher resolution file with more pixels in it. You will also notice that the hero feature shows the top of any image you upload, so from the image you uploaded, it's not the most interesting part of the image. If you can get a higher resolution image uploaded, then we can crop it for you to make it look better.

As for the collage, this is not a feature we have built into ArtWanted. You would need to use an image editing program like Photoshop to combine multiple images of your artwork into a single hero image. It's not required to do, some people may just have fun doing it that way.

Your message board avatar looks great, no changes needed. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Sharon De Vore 13 Jun 2017

I posted my hero image.

Tyrone Smith 13 Jun 2017


ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

Thanks you guys, great looking hero images. Let's keep them coming!

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

We are enjoying what we are seeing uploaded for the new hero images. We thought it would be fun to post a few more hero examples of what has been posted in the last 24 hours from a few of our members...

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

Artist Name: Carmen Console

Portfolio URL: www.ArtWanted.com/CConsole

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

Artist Name: Tartsy Art

Portfolio URL: www.ArtWanted.com/TartsyArt

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jun 2017

Account Name: Ingrid Kolster

Portfolio URL: www.ArtWanted.com/Ingrid

Yury Yanin 15 Jun 2017

I had no ready made horisonmtal image of the needed type currently and have made a new one in a hastle. Can I replace it later if I find or create something better? And have I understood correctly that now you are going to add some text in white letters to my hero image?

Sharon De Vore 15 Jun 2017

Yes, Yuri, you can change it. I have already changed mine & thinking about others to try. I too had none prepared so picked a painting with interest at the top. I decided to try a collage last night & found I had to crop some from the top. That is there still until I have time to try some others. Sharon

ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Jun 2017

Yuri, as Sharon said, you can change the image as many times as you want to. Now that you have your hero image, you can now upload it on your user preferences page here: http://controlpanel.artwanted.com/members/editpref.cfm

Yury Yanin 15 Jun 2017

Thank you Sharon, thank you staff!

Yury Yanin 15 Jun 2017

Seems I am unlucky with them uploads again! I,ve tried to upload my hero image (shown above), 2 times, using the link above. After each attempt the needed position in my USER PREFERENCES reflected the file's name, but nothing happened. When I closed and then opened that page again, it showed empty and there was a sign "file was not determined" (in Russian in my case). Have no idea what I do wrong, or... are there the Russian hackers again?

ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Jun 2017

Yuri - After selecting the image from your hard drive, are you clicking the SAVE button at the bottom of the user preferences page? If not, you will need to do that.

If you are doing that and the upload is still not working, please e-mail your image to info@artwanted.com and we can add it for you.

Sarandha D L 15 Jun 2017

Posted my Hero image

Yury Yanin 15 Jun 2017

Done!!! The problem was exactly in that "SAVE" button! I am sorry, it well may be that my attitude to my own self seems ridiculous, but believe me - it is so funny to be as stupid as I am sometimes!!!.. Hope you also feel some fun about that and are not angry with my stupidity too much. . ... It is often like that with me... Problems are everywhere!.And one more is right here again! I,ve made my image as you recommended 2000X400 picsels. However, above my portfolio my hero image appeared croped from both sides... And one more funny thing - the male portraits, which were on the sides, were croped out, the only female portrait was left... And my name Yury Yanin is now written over the portrait of a girl dancer, as if.... I mean that it is difficult to find a couple of things which are as far from each other as a young, beautiful girl and me! OK I will think it over and try to fix... may be replace image... may be tomorrow...

Sharon De Vore 15 Jun 2017

Dear Yuri,

Please do not beat yourself up over it. It is a Very easy thing to miss. In the beginning when uploading in the new format that you save each image uploaded separately, but after you save the 2nd Image, you have to save again the entire upload. Well I did not see that save & saw No upload, of course. I was baffled & tried again; same thing. Until finally I saw the last save & clicked on that. Not stupid of you at all. A very easy miss; you have to scroll down to find the save in your preferences to see your hero. Very easy to miss. You did great. We all have our, what we consider, stupid errors. Yours was Not stupid at all.

:-) Sharon

Sharon De Vore 15 Jun 2017

I posted a new hero. Ivy & Dixie painting. Sharon

Yury Yanin 16 Jun 2017

Dear Sharon,

My jokes about my own stupidity are mostly kind of a black humor, more a self fun, not a self beating. However, a Russian saying says: “there is a part of joke in every joke”. Who knows where is a part of a joke, where is a part of the truth, and which part is bigger in every case? For example, when I compare myself with my 7 y. o. grandson, I often have very little choice: first - to admit my stupidity; second – to admit that I am now old as a frozen mammoth and thus am useless and no better then stupid anyway. Young ones they now have their own mutual logic, they think along the same lines, they feel better where they should create or find and push various “save buttons”. So they usually find such “buttons” much faster then me…

Thank you for your encouragement anyway, you are always my inspiration!!! So now I'll try to fix the problem with my hero image too...!

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