02 March, 2016

Who is Still Here?

Hi, Is anyone still here? I have always loved ArtWanted and been so saddened that it's not as popular as it once was. I have seen some life but not as much as I'd hoped. I want to come back but was wondering who is still here? Any long time friends still around? How about new friends? Please let me know if this site is worth coming back to....



RQ Trietsch 02 Mar 2016

It's a ghost town of a site for the most part. Very few active members (?) left. Even the Galleries postings are minimal at best. My projects just seem to get bigger, more complicated and a lot longer to complete, and I really haven't felt like posting generic photos. So about the only constant activity is the Premium Members complaining to AW about services. SSDD

Thom Roslan 02 Mar 2016

That's about it Rick ! ! ! Thanks for summarizing R.Q.

Rick Corbett 04 Mar 2016

Hi RQ and Thom!

Thanks for the low down....or lack there of. I've decided that I want to come back and do my part to try to breathe some life into this once great site.

Martha Miller 04 Mar 2016

Hi Everyone...............I am from time to time Ricky. .

Nira Dabush 07 Mar 2016

Rick hello... Many things changed here... Since you left... others left too, I guess. Some sometimes come back... others not... some new people also... I'm here... sometimes more sometimes less.... Many things changed, also people.. Life in AW ...

Dan Ault 07 Mar 2016

I check in every once in a while. It's not like it used to be. I miss all the fights and controversy. Everyone is too nice now.

RQ Trietsch 08 Mar 2016

Well Dan, I could start complaining about the "Premium" members flooding the galleries with 3 to 25 pages of their ?? work. I tried complaining to AW staff but first, AW responded with "premium" members new perk (a couple of years ago) was unlimited posting. I Still complained but it fell on deaf ears. Perhaps next time I spot some I'll make note of it on the "Boards".

greg mccann 30 Apr 2016

This is the first site I ever signed up to, over ten years ago, and I have barely come here at all in recent years. It seems that all social media sites are just sending into the void, anyways. I think I will spend a little more time here again.

Rick Corbett 01 May 2016

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to see that there are some new upgrades coming in the near future of ArtWanted. This is such a great site, it's easy to use and it's not cluttered as other communities. Plus, not to mention that there are some pretty amazing artists and friendly people here. I look forward to seeing ArtWanted grow and flourish once again!!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 16 May 2016

We do have a lot of new things around the corner ever more than just the website redesign. Lots of good things to continue to make ArtWanted grow.

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 25 Jul 2016

I am still here! Been here a long time and will likely never leave. LOL

Vernonette Gaddy 29 Jul 2016

I enjoy posting my artworks and photography on ArtWanted. I enjoying getting encouraging and supportive feedback about my Portfolio postings from my ArtWanted Friends. I also enjoy viewing and commenting on postings of ArtWanted Members.

David R Wallace 26 Aug 2016

Been a member for 12 years, inactive since 2011 and. Just now returning.

So, I hope it isn't as dead around here as it sounds. It it is, I hope there is a rebirth in store for my old friend artwanted... I'll throw a little energy into such a mission.


Ivy Brown 02 Sep 2016

www.facebook.com/IvyBrown53 I'm still here n i use fb too.

Adelle John 02 Sep 2016

I came back today. If there are even a frw active members willi g to work together to form community it will be worth it. And why I left? I am autistic and my mother who took care of me all my life died and I had been very shelteref and protected all my lifr and suddenly I had to fend for myself. Bern through much and got very depressed. Bevame diabetic and all kinds of troubles finally endrd up in hospital where I have started psinting and interestingly my stuff is better than when i left off. not allowed sny camerss here so cant post pics til i get out. Maybe in a month. But will try to gey familsr with those who are here. I am not a whiner or complainer. I will do my bedt to be an asset to the community. Adelle

Floater 17 Sep 2016

It's a good portal for getting images onto Pinterest

Jennifer Gruhl 18 Sep 2016

Hello! I'll hopefully be more active here. Been here since 2009-wow!

Other social media sites keep me busy but I'll try and update new work here too.

husham khalsan 26 Sep 2016

hi,many people still here,but you know others busy with life style....this site worth many things... best way to chat artist when you leave a comment on there art works,On this way the will be notify by email from art wanted people ,they do it automatically , Some time i dont look at my page ,but when i receive a comment ,politely i have to answer them and thanks them for them time looking at my works and will happen artists relationships.

all the best will chat u again

Elia Read 12 Oct 2016

Hello everyone,

This is just the post I was looking for. Based out of New York City, I was actually looking to get some information from Artists about what they look for from their online presence! For example, is the desire to connect with the community? To make money selling your work? The exposure?

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Elia Tavish Read

Sigridur Bachmann 13 Oct 2016

Hi my friend Rick ! Nice to hear from you ... Yeas I´m still here ... I will welcome you for sure ... I can tell you this side is getting much better now .... and even more if you come back .. :-)) Looking forward to see your works !


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