04 January, 2008

Self-taught artists

Being a self-taught artist myself, I'm interested in meeting similar artists here, who paint for the love of it. I'm sure there will be many. Thanks.



terry waites 05 Jan 2008

Include me then Ravi, self taught and paint because I just love too.

Terry Harris 05 Jan 2008

I am as well. I learned in high school how to draw, the basics and how to mix colors to paint, and am still learning brush techniques to this day. I taught myself to use digital art programs, photo editing programs, photography, watercolors, acrylics, and now working on learning oil painting. I hadn't used them before due to allergies and asthma triggered by the cleaning solutions. Now there are odorless cleaners and water clean up oils. So far, it's worked well for me.

Kelly Dorman 05 Jan 2008

100% self taught...i couldn't begin to describe how i draw what i draw or why i paint how i paint, I 've always been able to do it, and go to sleep every night thankful i have the ability to do what i do.

Barbra Drasby 06 Jan 2008

Another self-taught artist here.

Cynthia Adams 08 Jan 2008

Me too..self taught and at a late stage in my life. No training and not a lesson to my name...lol. I have lost my MOJO for a while but hopefully it will come back soon...!!

Cynthia Adams 08 Jan 2008

Me too..self taught and at a late stage in my life. No training and not a lesson to my name...lol. I have lost my MOJO for a while but hopefully it will come back soon...!!

RQ Trietsch 10 Jan 2008

I don't paint yet, but if you look at my portfolio you'll see what I've taught myself to do over the years.

Per Corell 11 Jan 2008

Quite a number of artists in history was autodidakt , self taught . In fact most of those who maneaged to make a difference was. But there are a lot of confusion about this issue. Guess what autodidakt is not so good at, is the social issues. While arts more and more became spetacular events, art as such become less impotant and the social issues ,what critics or galleries say become the measure. Think about it, no galleri is interested in an artist with a small production so if you want your art exposed then don't be disapointed if you are turned down, case your works are great but small in number.

Aaron Whigham 13 Jan 2008

aside from graphic design all of my knowledge of art (drawing, painting, etc.) is self taught. i haven't done any traditional paintings in a while. i've been leaning more toward digital painting.

Larry Fridel 14 Jan 2008

I'am a Digital Artist that is self taught been doing it for 4 yrs now. It's been a hard road but I'm just now getting recognition for the work that I do.

thiu kc 15 Jan 2008

self taught..!!! and learnt from observation...

penn gregory 16 Jan 2008

Hi, I'm another one! It's taking a while, but I'm getting there!! :o)

W. James Taylor 20 Jan 2008

self taught,and still learnig every day of my life

Patty Fuller-Sturman 20 Jan 2008

Hello ravi! I too am a 100% self taught artist and crafter. I used to use pencil or acrylic b but for the apst 4 years have done from scratch digital paintings! I enjoy every minute of it!!


Crystal Sons 20 Jan 2008

Self Taught here too! I had ArtI in Highschool and recently was sponsered by an art gallery here to take a drawing class ... I learned how to "paint" with Graphite in the class, but most of the stuff I already had learned on my own... I have learned more from this site than any where.. There are alot of helpful people here! I still learn more and more every time I pick up a Pencil...

alicia sotherland 21 Jan 2008

Self taught and wouldn't have it any other way!

bill luke 22 Jan 2008

I'm self taught but I've been concentating on sculpting and carving more these days.But the desire to paint is still very much there.

Leah Jaarveth 25 Jan 2008

This is an awesome thread :) I started teaching myself to draw when I was about the age of 10...and of course I am still learning :)

Randy Nore 25 Jan 2008

I have been drawing since the age of 5 and have been drawing with ballpoint pen for about 12 years.I am self taught but the art gene runs in my family as everyone in my family can draw somewhat.

Catherine Lakeland 26 Jan 2008

Hi there! I too am self taught; I have had the bug all my life. When I became truly obsessed in my teens my Dad taught me how to use his old oils (mixing linseed oil and turpentine!) and since then it has been experiment and play. I paint in oils, acrylics and pastels.

I have just joined however and so far am addicted to browsing all the wonderful work here!

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