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About the art piece: This was one of the most fun pieces yet. Working with my young daughters little hand cut outs was not only fun but very memorable as I will treasure it forever. When I showed her the entire composition and the fact they were her hands, her entire face lit up with joy and excitement. Precious!!!!

Her magical artwork piece which I composed of many of her (click on) DRAWINGS is no doubt one of my favourite pieces.  Her (click on) MASTERPIECE water colour painting is my absolute favourite.

The hand cut outs were not only fun to do, they are also a fun design on children's T-shirt and also an art piece to hang in kids rooms. These designs and more are being sold from Art Wanted.

Dimension: 30”x 30” (75 x 75 cm)

Choice of my colour palette: I used all the primary and secondary colours, with complimentary colours in all directions. I think it balances the entire art piece.

Result: A playful and enchanted dance of colours. Simple and FUN piece to hang in a kids room.

Copyright Janette Dengo 2007 All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or use of image is prohibited.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work. Feel free to leave comments and don't forget to browse through my other works.

All play is work, and all work is play and that is a child's day!!!!

Have a fun-filled and joyous day!


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Roz Eve 07 Jan 2009

This is so happy and fun. great idea!

Artist Reply: Thank you Roz~

Gavin North 18 May 2008

This piece rocks, I really love the pop art feel to this. I love your choice of colors, they are so vibrant and alive, they really draw the viewer in, excellent work Janette

Jeanie Chadwick 04 Oct 2007

another well-designed piece...happiness.

Samina Islam 29 Sep 2007

Very colourful and eye-catching!Samina

Andrew Hunter 21 Sep 2007

this is cool Janette

joe valcourt 19 Sep 2007

love this array of hands and use of color and design

Mark Peterson 14 Sep 2007

Excellent Janette!

bianca 14 Sep 2007

you are very talented with colours...these are awsome

Jerry 14 Sep 2007

Pretty and very colorful!

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Sep 2007

janette, this is a happy making work, of simple joy and splendid color

Elf Evans 13 Sep 2007

A fine tribute to you Daughter's Hands and your mind...keep 'em commin

Izabella Pavlushko 13 Sep 2007

very interesting idea, Janette... beautifully composed, i'm really impressed !!! ~Izabella

Charlotte Ottilo 13 Sep 2007

Oh Wow!!! This is fantastic! You should put a book together for young moms with ideas such as these.. Excellent work Janette!

Alexandra Dvinitninova 12 Sep 2007

The way of Escher.

Penny Myers 12 Sep 2007

What a wonderful memory. I adore this.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 12 Sep 2007

GORGEOUS Precious Art from a Mother's Loving Heart!!!WOW!!!Brilliant!!!:)

Emily Reed 12 Sep 2007


Laurie Rawdon 12 Sep 2007

What a wonderful idea Janette!!! This is really beautiful!!

Lior Goldenberg 12 Sep 2007

Lovely work!

Zura Potskhishvili 12 Sep 2007

Very, very interesting!...