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Kid Zone

About the art piece: I have collected almost 3 years of art of my little 4 years old artist. I have noticed my daughter had artistic capabilities just after she turned one year old, even though many were just scribbles and circles. She is now a fantastic highly imaginative artist still in her "little person" body. Her imagination and creative capabilities sometimes blow my mind. She is very intelligent and the shapes and forms she demonstrates on paper are very much a reflection of her personality. She simply loves to have fun fun fun all day long. She loves to express herself through pen and pencil works and especially paint and brush strokes.

Her magical (click on) HANDZZZ can be seen in this special composed piece, which was very fun to do and which I adore.  Her (click on) MASTERPIECE in watercolour is my absolute favourite.

The drawings combined for this specific piece are some of my favourites. There were just way too many to choose from, however I am composing a much larger piece about 4 times the size of this one or bigger, which I will later incorporate into a printed quilt.

Dimension: 22”x 22” (55 x 55 cm)

Choice of my colour palette: I used all the primary and secondary colours, with reflections of complimentary colours in all directions. I think it balances the entire art piece.

Result: A playful and enchanted colour dance displaying the fun and joyful time a child can have when they are in their own "KID ZONE" hence the name of the piece.

Copyright Janette Dengo 2007 All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or use of image is prohibited.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work. Feel free to leave comments and don't forget to browse through my other works.

All play is work, and all work is play and that is a child's day!!!!

Have a fun-filled and joyous day!

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Olga van Dijk 17 Jan 2009

Please download this beauty in the KID'S @RT GALLERY of ArtWanted. The KID'S @RT GALLERY is dedicated to opening young minds to the greatest of gifts..... CREATIVITY! Parents are among the world’s most passionate art collectors, saving their children’s artwork. ---Show off and share your child’s art work in the KID'S @RT GALLERY of ArtWanted. ---(Go to Community/Artist Groups and you'll find this Kid's Artis Group.-- Love and Light~OLGA

Gavin North 18 May 2008

I love the concept behind this piece, I love the way kids draw, they have not been tainted by adult life and see the world differently than you or I, Excellent and very unique work.

Jeanie Chadwick 04 Oct 2007

love the way you did this...and the art.

sheila stanley-powell 15 Sep 2007

i don't know if we'd feel the same way if it were someone elses childs art work or if it's just a built in bias but my all time favourite piece of art was a large mothers day card my son made in 2nd grade on bristol board with coloured tissues. it's a large row of tulps blowing in the wind and the colours, shapes and composition are just perfect. the only reason i don't have it framed and up on a wall is 'cause it's pack safely in a box SOMEWHERE in the shed and i hope that before he has kids of his own i will eventually find the right box and finally get it up on my living room wall where it belongs. kudo's to you for appreciating and preserving her art as well as you do.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Sep 2007

Splendid design, Janette! A spectacular mode to see child's art!!!