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In the Bubble

About the art piece:  This is one of two bizarre photos.  I’ve zoomed in on the images within and there are way too many faces to count.  I took this photograph just as a random image and discovered multiple unusual multi-dimensional beings within. I am not kidding either, as it makes no sense to me and I am a very rational person.  It is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. The other is the "HAUNTING SPIRIT WORLD" and both are very unusual and most intriguing.

Choice of my colour palette: I cropped the photo to enhance the glass bubble of the cake cover and used the complimentary brown to keep it neutral.   

Result: A bubble that seems to look almost 3D as it pops out at you and wants to jump out of the frame.  

Copyright Janette Dengo 2007   All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying or use of image is prohibited.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work.  Feel free to leave comments and don't forget to browse through my other works. 




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joe valcourt 19 Sep 2007

cool and bizarre

Artist Reply: Thank you Joe

Seth Weaver 18 Sep 2007

Janette all these comments you received on this work are very good and quite valid, The most important thing is what do you SEE. I've had many experiences with the Other Side. It use to worry me but with God as my anchor I'm as bold as brass. Have you had any recent deaths in your family? Are the kids sleeping okay? You know being an artist it is in our nature to see things and to put together images and patterns that other people don't or can'i see.

Artist Reply: Dear Seth. I believe if I told ya on here what I see, many may perhaps delete me and never talk to me again. LOL!!! I see a lot, yes we have sightings in our home, I have orbs following & watching us all the time, non stop. I have pics of one following my son while he was still crawling.... too significant. We are a sensitive family, we all see & hear. Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. I appreciate it.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Sep 2007

I can see spirt people in here.

Barry Huyett 16 Sep 2007

great shot!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Barry