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Ginger Olansen 26 days ago

The "new upload manager" was soooo fast and neater! Big improvement. There is one thing that confused me while entering new photos: my photos I display as a traditional art gallery, yet every picture I add gives me the option to change that for each photo. Is that an error? Just did not make sense to me? Thanks for the nice work though except for that one item.

ArtWanted.com Staff 24 days ago

Ginger - Thanks for the feedback. The choice of gallery has always been something that you can choose to do when you upload your images, or change it after the fact. We can add something that auto-populates this value if you always select the same thing when you upload.

Eileen Hale 24 days ago

I posted this early in the discussion, but it did not get a reply, so I'm reposting:

I would really like to see the visual "container" of the boxed-in areas kept, as it is/was in the old Control Panel. I am okay with the new icons, but without the contained areas I find it much more difficult to focus.

One of the ways a web page functions for me is to provide clear organization. The old version feels much more clearly organized and focused to me, and that makes it function better.

ArtWanted.com Staff 24 days ago

Eileen - Thanks for your feedback. You are correct that the old site had a dark background with the content sections with a white background, so each section was sitting in a box. The new public site went away from the dark background and is just using a white background, so the content boxes are not as pronounced as they were before. However, most pages have clear boxes of the content or tables that define the content you are viewing/editing. It does look a little different, but you will find that the organization and structure is 99% the same as the old members site.

Eileen Hale 24 days ago

Thanks for your response. There are a couple of things I still find confusing or fuzzy.

First - when the content sections and the background are both white, and there is no border to frame the section, the content boxes are not "not as pronounced" as before; they are invisible and undefined.

Second, I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "most pages have clear boxes of the content or tables that define the content you are viewing/editing." What are "most pages"? The pages attached to the Control Panel? Of these, a number of them are in table form, and others don't need boxing in (like the Upload Artwork section).

I guess my take on this is that the Control Panel is where I need clear, visible organization (emphasis on "visible"). The hidden organization and structure - the code and style sheets and so on - may be pretty much the same as the old members site was, but we are visual artists, visual beings, and visible organization and structure, which are crucial to me for one, seem rather lacking in this new site.

Ranefox 23 days ago

I used the new upload via my cell phone. I also had difficulties with title even though I changed it, the image still defaulted to file name. NOT A GOOD THING...We title the image when we upload. Why would you default the file name is beyond me. Secondly, there was no way to view upload image to check sizes for future prints. Why is that? I had to view new image by opening portfolio. I should be able to view on phone, as was possible with previous uploader.

It also wasn't clear as to where the designated area was for my upload. I did not use the cloud storage in previous uploader, and wasn't sure until I saw that the image uploaded properly.

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 days ago

Ranefox - Thanks for your feedback. We will do some additional testing on mobile to make sure it's a good upload experience. Here are few reply comments.

1. With the new control panel, you upload your images first, then add the details second. This is where you would add/replace the title of your image and add any details. 2. Print sizes are now calculated in the background without the need for the artist to choose them (faster experience). However, good feedback that we will review. 3. We will review mobile upload experience to see how it can be improved.

Joanie Holliday 18 days ago

OK, Trying to be fair and giving it a good try... Only so far on the computer and will see how it shows up on my phone. Thank you.

ArtWanted.com Staff 16 days ago

Per our scheduled release plan, the new members Control Panel is now the default experience to login and manage your portfolio. We hope that you can continue to give us feedback and suggestions to make it better.

If you get a little lost in the new Control Panel and want to jump back to the old members area, you can find the OLD MEMBERS AREA link at the top of every page under the CONTROL PANEL drop down.

manuel cadag 14 days ago

Wow after 9 years, I just update my works today but unfortunately I can not see my new uploaded 10 images..I am lost..Can you please help me..This really confusing but I like the new design of this site.

Congrats and more success to all members here!

Manuel Cadag from Philippines

ArtWanted.com Staff 14 days ago

Welcome back Manuel. We don't see that any new images have been posted to your portfolio in the last 24 hours, so please try again. You may want to upload one image at a time, until you can confirm it was received and you see it in your portfolio, then you can add more.

José Fortunato 8 days ago

I am pleased with the new Members Area Control Panel. However we lost the statistic information concerning the daily,( monthly, etc) image hits. It will appear in the near future ? Thanks

ArtWanted.com Staff 8 days ago

Jose - Thanks for your feedback. Thew new control panel does provide monthly/daily details as a summary of all your artwork, simply click on the month button under the charts (ie Mar for March). However, the monthly/daily totals for individual images is not live yet, but will be within the next 30 days.

José Fortunato 5 days ago

Thanks so much. Regards