25 January, 2018

Making Art as a Career


At the moment i am only "dabbling" in selling original pieces and working on commission, but becoming quite serious about going part time in the near future, with a view to going full time some time in the much further future. I have done a LOT of research and prep on this and have sketched (no pun intended!) out a timeline/plan for the next couple of years, so I am OK on the "theory" and the steps needed to be made to achieve this, but would love artists on here to tell me about their "real world" journeys in having become/ or becoming professional artists on a part or full time basis...

Things you feel you did right. // Things you wouldn't do again if you could go back. // Things you didn't foresee - big or small. // The impact it has had on your life - good and bad.

General advice/discussion really would be most welcome.

I'm sure there are other artists on here that maybe considering this too - so feel free to jump in with your questions/thoughts too!

(Please note I am based in the UK)

Thank you!



Karlina Bacchus 25 Jan 2018

Not a 100% sure why my post is listed as a "contest"

Anneke Hut 26 Jan 2018

There are lots of ways to get seen and draw customers to your artwork. By posting your work on Facebook, Instagram aso. Make a link to your gallery on those sites.

ArtWanted has posted Marketing Tips on their Announcement Board. I have been looking for a Search the Forum button, but didn't see one. Maybe you can ask the AW crew to send them to you by email. I remember I had them all in my email years ago.

Kaori 01 Apr 2018

If you have the financial potential to go part time I would suggest you just do it. There can be no better thing for an artist to do than create. I hope someone replies with a more realistic answer to your marketing question, but it it is luck and hard work like anything else.