21 January, 2018

What is art?

I am curious as to what your definition of art is. I try to simplify things so my tiny brain can manage them better so my definition intention or motivation. Imagine the whole of society as a small hiking group of people and one of those people sees something along the trail that he/she thinks the others have missed or would like to see what he/she sees in the way he/she sees it so he/she points it out and says, "Hey guys, look at that!" That's exactly what an artist does.



Vincent von Frese 17 days ago

No one knows what art is since it appears as a surprise. It is a human made term so at least it is human made ideas or objects and productions. Nature is not made by humans so although it is beautiful it is not art unless it is reflected in an image by an artist who essentially re-arranges elements.

People sure seem to know and say things about what they think art is not.

Anneke Hut 13 days ago

For me art is inspiration. Something in the things around me inspire me to make a picture of it. Can be everything. A nice sky, a beautiful flower or a nice face. And I think the medium that is used is not important necessarily.

I like art the best when I can see the inspiration of the artist, doesn't matter whether pencil, camera or computer is used.

Dale Newman 11 days ago

For me art is perception, perception of one who takes what he/she sees and transforms that perception into a reality, to be observed and shared with others, An expression of the inner person.

alisdair small 10 days ago

Art to me is a way of comunicating ideas that i may have trouble articulating It lets me work out things in my head. And i like the hiking analogy. Id agree with that. Also one of the things tgat is great about art is that its different for everyone. That seems to be the most common thread about it ironically. Also art is a window into other peoples way of thinking

Vincent von Frese 8 days ago

Simply said maybe it is an articulation of the senses venting from the freedom of imagination. One thing for sure if anyone finds out what art is please let me know!

Seems some people define art as a therapeutic. And others say it is about self expression. The inner subconscious untainted by bias conscious reality. I say yes to both but an artist must be in control of the expression consciously. Poetry, music, creativity is coming from the soul deep inside with the best intentions. Reaction to the world internally and personally extrapolated could be another way to describe what is so indescribable universally as what art is.

Positive flow of energy harnessed and in control of the artist could be ideally is the ingredient present for art to exist maybe. So then it is the path leading to the most intense expression of a person in reflection of his or her perception of the world one discovers they are sharing. Transmogrification of countenance.

A "naive" (person uneducated about art and art history like a cave man) also produces "art". A Gorilla and Chimpanzee makes marks and consciously chooses colors which looks something like art but gets bored with such things quickly. I knew an Orangutan who became more famous as an artist than almost any practicing artist I ever met.

Ginger Olansen 7 days ago

You all seem to know what it is! You are all right. To define ART is almost impossible to answer because it has to be narrowed down: what type of art, music, painting, clothing.....on and on. You ask ten people they will have ten different answer! Am I helping you any? No certainly not! I am just an artist who loves my small area of art! Please let me know when you all find out what ART actually is!! LOL!!

Rick Corbett 7 days ago

I believe that it is nearly impossible to define what art is, every person, every artist has a different definition. For me, I believe art should make a connection in some way while still allowing room for interpretation. For me, I try to make an emotional connection. As an artist, each drawing I do brings me on an emotional rollercoaster ride of self discovery. Having a severely tragic childhood, I use art as a way to cope and to deal with having PTSD. Not only is drawing my passion, but it's a form of therapy for me. Each drawing I do is a journey filled with a plethora of emotion. I try to express that emotion in each piece I do; I hope that my art will also allow my viewers to make an emotional connection as well. For THAT is what I believe art is, being able to make an emotional connection and allowing for everyone to feel something when they see my work.