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Keith J. Eldridge 31 Dec 2017

"Ave Maria" This healing art features a short melody I composed. The notes actually spell out "Ave Maria" when connected.

Lucy Jane 08 Jan 2018

maya rodriguez 10 Jan 2018

The title for this artwork is Decisions

DULCIE DEE 30 Dec 2017

Ma Belle Salope #15 is the Chinese woman celebrating Happy New Year!

sylvie swanson 30 Dec 2017

African sunset , oil pastel on black construction paper

Erik van der Schee 29 Dec 2017

Jan de Jong 30 Dec 2017

This image is a macro image, made of a particular part of a stone I found at the Petra site in Jordan. Exposed in this way it's becoming more of an abstract, which matches in my vision in a perfect way the theme "The Color Red" of the contest.