19 October, 2017

Does anyone do street painting?

What I mean by that in case you do not know, is during a fair or art show they often ask artists to paint whatever they want on their "own" during that show to attract more people. I have come to realize that not many artist do that, not even the really great ones! It's fun I think, to hear the public discussing your painting and asking questions. There are certain rules to follow so that you get " ahhh's" and "hooo's": 1) take an uncomplicated e painting like an ocean wave, a beach, sunset or sunrise. Why? Well they are colorful which attracts people to watch, they have simple movement or they are easier to simplify. I am a fast painter, was trained that way, I take a 12 x 24 inch canvas in 45 minutes to an1 hour have it 95 percent done. It is also great experience. What is your take on this..

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