19 October, 2017

Does anyone do street painting?

What I mean by that in case you do not know, is during a fair or art show they often ask artists to paint whatever they want on their "own" during that show to attract more people. I have come to realize that not many artist do that, not even the really great ones! It's fun I think, to hear the public discussing your painting and asking questions. There are certain rules to follow so that you get " ahhh's" and "hooo's": 1) take an uncomplicated e painting like an ocean wave, a beach, sunset or sunrise. Why? Well they are colorful which attracts people to watch, they have simple movement or they are easier to simplify. I am a fast painter, was trained that way, I take a 12 x 24 inch canvas in 45 minutes to an1 hour have it 95 percent done. It is also great experience. What is your take on this..

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Dale Newman 04 Nov 2017

I think that is great I like the idea drawing a portrait or character, I must admit I haven't much opportunity to do it though.

Deborah Dellinger 11 Mar 2018

You are so right. I was asked once to paint during a show, and reluctantly I agreed. Was uncomfortable for me at first. You know ... having people looking over your shoulder can make you really nervous. I told myself just to tune them out and pretend I was all alone in my studio. Well, that didn't last long! Once I heard peoples hooos and ahhhs, I was hooked! I love explaining to them my technique. Not only did it boost my self esteem, but every time I did a demo, the painting sold. I got so efficient, that I would have several paintings started before the show, so when that one sold, I'd put it away and pull out another that had been started. I would later finish the paintings in my studio where the buyer would come and pick it up. (I would always get a deposit from them at the show). The added bonus to it was, I would offer them framing at an addition fee while they were in my studio. If needed, I would ship the painting to them. I don't do many shows these days, and I miss it.

Lenore McNamara 12 Mar 2018

I have, its fun, I have even sold a few "hot off the easel." That is the most fun! I work pretty small in public, 11 x 14 inches or less usually, I can paint fast too. I run an out door painting group, I pick a park and we go paint there. That is lots of fun too and generates some sales now and then. I think some artists are nervous about painting in public, especially if they haven't done it before. Lots of them are just used to working from photos and not life so that is hard for them too. I think its a wonderful thing to try, one's work only improves with the practice.

The painting below was at an outdoor art show -ecology show, our part of the show was hung to the left of the painting. I painted this painting and another during the show, I was sharing a booth with another artist. It was lots of fun but we had no sales. I think most people were there because the park was free to enter that day and there for the ecology part. Next time I figure I'll just paint and not bother with the hanging art work and all, too much work!