11 October, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Artist Card Project - Survey

ArtWanted.com is always looking for more ways to promote our artist/photographer members. We are considering a new art card project and we would love to get your feedback in a brief survey.

The idea is to create one (or more) artist card sets, with each card in the deck featuring a different artist from ArtWanted. The cards would be professionally printed and be the size of traditional sports cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). Please take a minute to fill out our brief survey on this project. Survey Link:




Al Budarin 7 days ago

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Ian Richard Laws 2 days ago

I think this is a great idea what would be of great interest to me would be being able to order a set of my own artworks that I have chosen to go on the cards as they would be really useful when you have an exhibition for people to take away or to just give to people who are interested in your work.

ArtWanted.com Staff Yesterday

Thanks for your reply Ian. As we research this project further, we expect to present several options to our members if they would like to print their own set of cards in a low volume.