is always looking for more ways to promote our artist/photographer members. To go along with this goal, we are considering a new art card project and we would love to get your feedback.

The idea is to create one (or more) artist card sets, with each card in the deck featuring a different artist from ArtWanted. The front and back of the card will feature artwork from the artist. The back of the card will also include additional information such as the name of the artist, personal website, a brief bio and card number. The cards would be professionally printed and be the size of traditional sports cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). It's expected that each set would include around 50 different artists/cards.

Please tell us your feedback on this brief 10 question survey...

1. Tell us your interest level of being included in an artist card set as described above?
2. Assuming there will only be a limited number of artists included in our first card set. How should the artists be chosen that are included?
a) First come, first serve, but ArtWanted has guidelines on quality
b) ArtWanted staff choses the artists from those that are interested
c) Members of ArtWanted vote on the artists to be included
3. What would you consider to be a reasonable retail price to charge for the deck of 50 unique artist cards?
4. If you were NOT chosen to be included in the set, would you still consider buying a deck of cards at the price you indicated above? If so, how many sets?
5. If you WERE chosen to be included in the set, how many decks of cards would you want to purchase at the price you indicated above?
6. If you WERE chosen to be included in the set, would you be interested in purchasing additional copies of your card for self-promotion. If so, how many additional cards would you like to get?
7. What style of corners do you prefer to see on the cards?
8. Would you like to see a photo or self-portrait on the back of the card of the artist/photographer?
9. If you have an interest in this project, please tell us your e-mail address, so we can contact you in the future.
10. Please share with us any other comments, thoughts or suggestions for this artist card project. Thank You!

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