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Yury Yanin 22 Aug 2017

Susan Marie Pieri 14 Aug 2017

This is the lighthouse in the Kenosha, Wisconsin Harbor in my hometown. Our family outings were to ride in the car, get ice cream and go look at the ships and lighthouse.

Miep Bos 23 Aug 2017

This is a part of our street where painters were painting our houses.

Eileen Kasprick 15 Aug 2017

I am posting a painting in the HomeTown Landscape Art Contest

Riky van Deursen 14 Aug 2017

Lavender. I love the lavender in my garden and in the parks in my hometown, the variety, the colors, the smell. After watching an artclass about lavender I really had to paint this lavender myself.

Erik van der Schee 14 Aug 2017

I live in the north part of Holland close to the dunes en the Sea . The toen is call ed Schoorl and has a typical dutch windmill which is still working

Aleksandr Klyuyanov 14 Aug 2017

My City. Reeds

Deepthi K J 23 Aug 2017


Kathie Nichols 15 Aug 2017

Living on the beautiful coast of South East Queensland Australia has inspired my latest series of paintings. Beautiful seascapes all along the coastal region never fail to inspire me.

David Benjamin 15 Aug 2017

Sullivan's Pond in the centre of Dartmouth, N.S. This picture in homage to the three geese who were run down by a car last week.

annie herber 14 Aug 2017

its a house in a house, fused glaas and emailles

Ivan Tamajong 14 Aug 2017

Mount Fako, Cameroon

Tyrone Smith 19 Aug 2017

My Artwork of my home town Duval.