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Natalie Eckman 28 May 2017

Refugees from another world.....welcome.

Tyrone Smith 02 Jun 2017

Here's my future Artwork Entry.

Fran Clodomar 08 Jun 2017

Red in Ruins.... Robots doing the fighting for their human creators, ad infinitism.

Gene Nelson (E Squared Nelson) 28 May 2017

Art contest: "The Future"

kiddolucas lee 03 Jun 2017

* The Bigwhite Gor Operation * june 2017 * Mixed media with minimum digital retouching

William Renfro 28 May 2017

Lady Contessa and her Fabulous Mechanical Dog (watercolors and ink)

José Fortunato 28 May 2017

Lançamento, oil on canvas, 23x33 cm, 2001

Prathima Bhargav 29 May 2017

A Human may even hatch out of a snails shell in the " future "

mandy evans 14 Jun 2017

This is a coloured pencil drawing of a permaculture society under a dome - the hills have huge underground tanks that collect the water - the central building houses the technology and community kitchen / laundry / etc - each smaller house grows food in gorgeous garden that are works of art to view from afar - I had this vision as a kiddie, and have created a series of limited edition prints to sell on the internet to create the money to build it

Neeraj Parswal 08 Jun 2017

This is my original acrylic painting on canvas being submitted for the contest Future. The artwork carries the message that our planet will be a part of other galaxies and the human life will be more peaceful and spiritually enlightened . ............................Amen Artist Mrs Neeraj Parswal- India

zelko radic 28 May 2017

"Futuristic Soldier", Computer Graphic, 2000x1125 px, 2017.

Judith Bicking 29 May 2017

The future is uncertain.

annie herber 08 Jun 2017

this is the cosmos. fused glass in celblock

Sigridur Bachmann 03 Jun 2017

Here comes my contribution .... ( Digital painting )

An astronaut flies by....

JG Jardey 13 Jun 2017

The future may not be so high tech.

Pamela Benjamin 15 Jun 2017

Attached is my art piece entry for the theme 'The Future'. It depicts relics of earth's past claiming its future. Art piece is called The Giants Sleep No More. It's a digital drawing.

HASH ARMY 29 May 2017

Joanie Holliday 06 Jun 2017

Enrique Nieto 08 Jun 2017


Aleksandr Klyuyanov 09 Jun 2017

Future. 2005