16 January, 2017


I'd really like to see a photograph gallery. Camera art!

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Al Budarin 18 Jan 2017

I just learned today that some of the artworks,are done by digital wow,fantastic ,there should be a catagories for this wonderful art,it's amazing

Yury Yanin 20 Jan 2017

Yep. Some artworks may be somewhere between photo/painting/digital art... This image is based on a bad quality old B&W photo and enhansed digitaly.

Vincent von Frese 28 Jan 2017

It works well enough I think.

There are more photo and digital artists than sculptors and their are more painters than sculptors yes but Many painters including myself utilize the art pf photography in the process of making sculpture and painting as well as recording it as a digital image.

So I would hesitate to coral the medium of photography into one category separating it from the way it exists now as Yuri pointed out "photo/painting/digital art". The site is not made to compete with one another as an artist is it?

ArtWanted.com Staff 28 Jan 2017

ROBIN - Perhaps you can explain your idea in a bit more details for our staff and other members, to clarify what you mean.

Currently, we already have a PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY and it's one of our main 9 art galleries on the site. (From our header menu, go to BROWSE... PHOTOGRAPHY)

We also have over 40 photography related ARTIST GROUPS on our site, where members can add their photos to one or more of these groups and talk with other photographers about the photography group specialty.

Besides these, was there something else that you were wanting with your idea that is different? If so, please explain, thanks!