05 November, 2016


Flowers are not my main objects, I make pictures of flowers occasionally from time to time, but I do not want to upload them into my portfolio. Recently I wanted to send my late picture of that kind to Marie-Clara Gallet. She is a great flower lover, admin of the artist group “FLOWERS MY PASSION”. AW should be grateful to her, as she is one of the most active members, she uploads a couple of talented photos practically every day!... I could not send that picture to her due to some technical problems with my e-mail post. Inside AW I could send her a message, but not a picture file – no attachments are allowed to the personal messages to AW artists.. So my first question is to AW staff – is it possible to allow attachments to inner messages from artist pages? One more question: is not it possible to allow AW membetrs to upload artworks into groups without loading them into personal portfolios?

Meanwhile I suggest to every AW member to show flower pictures here, in this discussion thread. One at a time, as many posts, as you want. For Marie-Clare, for promotion of her beautiful group, and just for pleasure! Here is my picture:



Lukasz Supel 05 Nov 2016

Here is a picture I took. of flowers I.

Yury Yanin 06 Nov 2016

Thank you, Lukasz !

By the way, I mean not only photo of flowers, but also pantings, drawings, digital pictur3es, etc.

ArtWanted.com Staff 06 Nov 2016

Yuri -

Here are the answers to your questions...

1) ATTACHMENTS: We have never had the request to allow attachments when contacting members of the website, but it's not a bad idea. We will review this request more and consider it for a future upgrade to the website.

2) GROUP IMAGES: Our system was designed to have all group images to be from an artist's portfolio. We don't ever recall having a request to have an image in a group without not being in a portfolio. There is a work around for this if you want to show an image, but not in your portfolio. You simply upload that image to a post in the group message boards (or even these general message boards) and those images do not get added to your portfolio.

marie-claire gallet 06 Nov 2016

Hi Yuri, thanks a million for your wonderful message, gorgeous floral picture and great support. I do appreciate !!! Yes, I do love flowers as you can see it from my portfoliio. This is why I have created a new group "FLOWERS, MY PASSION" (or shorter FLOWERPASSION) !!! I do hope many AW members will join me there so that we can share the beauty of flowers amongst us !! Our world is not peaceful unfortunately, and I hope that having a look at flowers will be a nice break for all of us !!! Thank you again, dear Yuru ! WIsh you a wonderfu Sunday !!!! Hugs

Yury Yanin 07 Nov 2016

Thanks staff, thanks Marie-Clare! I also hope for more pictures of flowers in this thread.

Yury Yanin 15 Nov 2016

I am surprised that AW members are so inactive in this discussion, while many of us have ecxeelent pictures of flowers, which could be shown one more time here. I'll try to send one more of my pictures hoping to activate others.

Erik Ross 19 Jul 2017

Here's one of my better ones.