21 September, 2016

New oil painting .Critics please .I need input for this painting ..




Good impression and colours The shadow under the horse is very defined maybe a good Idea would be to have the ground under the horse a bit more rugged and the shadow at different levels over say stones or a pudle. A difficult subject to choose.

Yury Yanin 21 Nov 2016

The whole composition looks as a bit over weighted to the left – all human figures and distant trees are on the left half of the picture. Shadows of distant trees and all other closer shadows seem to point in different directions and have different length (thus showing different time of the day). As it is more likably mid day, I think that shadows should be darker and not so bluish; I suppose also that the whole picture should be brighter and more contrast under a Southern sun. And brims of hats could be wider to my test… And the most important: I love your art, so you may ignore all above because you know better.

Crazycatz9 13 Feb 2017

I'm assuming this is acrylic? the last comment I do agree to add not only the shadows are pointing off the clock but the direction of the light and brightness of the characters don't match the shadows. i'll try to explain this as much as I can if you have a ball and shine a light on it thus casting a shadow but the ball will reflect the source of the light showing gradation from bright to dark, thus matching the direction of the shadows cast.