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Group Created: 07/19/08

Group Admin

Michael Goddard
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This Group has been created purley for the 3D artist, for people who create art with their computers through programs such as Bryce, Carrara, Daz studio, Poser, 3Dmax, Modo...and all the others i have not mentioned.. And for the people who are looking to up their game by asking advice and give advice to further their Art.

Simple Rules.... 1..No flooding 1 or 2 pieces a day is plenty 2..Positive constructive feedback, this is a friendly group. 3..Ask questions

Group Images (806)

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For Sale!
Ashoka Tano Returns
David Schleifer
Added 05/25/2015

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For Sale!
Malcolm Barnes
Added 03/03/2015

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For Sale!
"The Gate ,ground mist"
Jawek Kwakman
Added 03/01/2015

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For Sale!
Weeping Angel
Jawek Kwakman
Added 03/01/2015

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Group Posts (7)

Subject Posted By Replies Views Created Last Reply
Facebook Group for Aussie 3D artists Steve Kelly 3 27 04/25/12 04/26/12
Most popular program Michael Goddard 9 157 07/22/08 12/19/10
support kelvin Hughes 0 15 07/13/09 07/13/09
A question from a new member Jane Priser 3 60 11/24/08 11/26/08
BACK....finally Michael Goddard 2 55 11/05/08 11/14/08
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Group Members (64)

Mark Reiser
Joined: Aug 30 2015

Maulik Shah
Joined: Oct 29 2014

Jawek Kwakman
Joined: Oct 7 2013

Eric Cain
Joined: Feb 27 2013

Joined: May 4 2012

Ella L Mills
Joined: Apr 24 2012
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Group Website

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point them to the following group website:

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